2012 Apple Dropper Art Car Transformation Begins

2012 Apple Droppers Art Car Winter has brought new snow as well as the start of our Apple Dropper Art Car transformation. There was a great turn out for the first weekend of work. Our gang is incredibly excited to help and make this vision a reality. Thanks for all the people that came out and weathered the snow and conditions. It only makes you stronger for the extremes at Black Rock Desert. You can view the ongoing process in our gallery album.

For those viewing this project for the first time, the art car was originally slated for the 2011 Burning Man. However, Rockstarr thought it best to take an additional year to raise more funds and interest to ensure success. So, the 2011 art car is now the 2012 Apple Droppers.

2 thoughts on “2012 Apple Dropper Art Car Transformation Begins”

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