This is a list and years this group has participated, contributed and initiated theme camps for Burning Man. Pictures to come.


2007 – EverWOW, 10:20 between A and B

Church of WOW blossoms into greenness of EverWOW. Congregate with the Ministry of Alchemy in the luminous Chapel of the Holy WOW for green memes, wowisms, concoctions, sonorous yoga, & fly-throughs of 3D Burning Earth; witness the Utah Fire Enclave; join the WOW Tree Nation & pledge to plant a tree.


2006 – Fire Muse WOW, 6:15 Ring Road facing esplanade

Firemuse WOW! Circus
The Church of WOW meets the spark of the Fire Muse Circus. Fire muses and sirens will be holding private and public encounters in the “Fire Muse Grotto” daily. Resident muses will enliven your soul with creativity and of course fire! By day the fire muses stoke the fire with their unique bags of tricks intended to inspire, enrich and comfort. At night the fire muses and WOW Drummers turn to fire toys and implements, igniting the imagingations and souls of playa residents who have been drawn to the warmth and glow of the fire. The muses may take seekers on a trip through the playa, or maybe we will travel together into our hopes and fears, our inner wowness, our outer phantasmagoria. We’ll seek what inspires, create and foster the expanding consciousness of art and love, and harness the power to make WOW!


2005 – Beyond the Zion Curtain, 4:45 between C and D


2004 – Fire Muse Circus, 9:30 Center Camp

Fire Muse Circus
Fire Muse Circus is a 24 hour preformance camp including fire, stilt, theater and circus preformers. Found art sculpture and art that is created at the camp and will be added into the sets and scenery. An original 2 act tragic play will be preformed on Thursday. Other preformers are welcome to use the stage as time is available.


2001 – Beatles Theme Camp, 11:45 Center Camp

DNA Beatles Holiday Camp
It’s A Good Day Sunshine, Here There And Everywhere but first I Want to Hold Your Hand and lead to the DNA Beatles Holiday Camp. Help! Day Trippers needed to play amongst the images and icons of the Beatles.


2000 – DNA Bead Camp, 6:45 Esplande

DNA Bead Camp
Come join us as we create a Giant Beaded Cosmic Serpent that symbolizes the bridge between our physical cellular structure (composed of cells with DNA) and our creative spiritual selves (composed of relationships, symbols and beliefs about who we are). When you come: bring your visions, images, stories, icons or any “beads” of wisdom you wish to add to the Great Serpent of which each “bead” you place in the mouth of the snake will represent your DNA and serve to remind all of us of the interconnected matrix we are each a part of.



Burning Man

2007 – Utah Burners, Burning Man Fire Conclave
2006 – Utah Burners, Burning Man Fire Conclave
2005 – Utah Burners, Burning Man Fire Conclave


Utah Burn / Element 11 Regional Burns

2011 – Element 11 Fire Conclave
2007 – Element 11 Fire Conclave
2006 – Element 11 Fire Conclave
2005 – Element 11 Fire Conclave
2004 – Utah Burn Effigy Burn


Playa Wear – Playa Gear

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